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Meet the Photographer

Belinda Meechan

I am dedicated to capturing the beauty and essence of interior and architectural spaces. Based in Dubai, I specialize in producing stunning photographs for both individual clients and commercial projects.

My passion for photography has taken me on a journey around the world, and I am now focused on capturing the unique architecture and interiors of the UAE. I strive to capture the essence of each space, from the grandest palaces to the most intimate details.

Belinda Meechan Portrait

My Story

I'm Belinda Meechan, a South African photographer who found her passion in capturing the intricate beauty of interior spaces. Living in Dubai for the past six years has not only enriched my life but has also provided me with endless opportunities to blend my love for nature, photography, and interior design into a fulfilling career.

Behind the Scenes

My Clients

I am proud to present  businesses, and organizations we have had the privilege to collaborate with on their photography needs. From captivating portraits to stunning landscapes, my lens has captured the essence of each unique client's vision. My diverse portfolio features an array of industries, including interior, food, architecture, and more. I take immense pride in the ability to translate my clients' aspirations into timeless visual masterpieces. Scroll through our client gallery and witness the transformative power of photography in action.

I am very pleased to be trusted to produce great work for them all. See below, for some of the brands and friends we work with.

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